Hey Taipei 第一本屬於台北的英文押韻繪本

By Tricky Taipei | 群眾集資
NT$224,895 / 目標 NT$100,000

計畫更新 #1 An end-of-year update about Hey Taipei!

2018/12/29 20:23
Hi everyone!

On December 20, the Hey Taipei campaign launched. Less than 3 days later it hit 100% of its target! So far 100+ people have ordered hundreds of books, posters, postcards and tote bags. Thank you so much for supporting Hey Taipei! 

It's really interesting to see where orders are coming from. In Taiwan, we'll be sending packages to Taipei, Taoyuan, New Taipei City, Taichung, Tainan and Hualien. Outside of Taiwan, books will be reaching young readers in the US (Pennsylvania, Washington, New York, Illinois, Indiana, Idaho, California and Missouri), the United Kingdom and Canada too. They'll also be shipped to Tokyo, Hong Kong, Copenhagen and Sydney. 

I'm so happy that Hey Taipei will be sharing Taiwanese culture with the world. Please keep sharing with your family and friends wherever they may be! If they need an English-language checkout, then send them to heytaipeibook.com. It's an English storefront taking pre-orders. Everything's the same, just in English.

Happy new year!
Kathy + the Garlic Crush team


Hey Taipei的集資活動在12月20日正式上線,並在三天內達標!到目前為止有超過一百位支持者訂購了書、海報、明信片與帆布袋。真的很感謝你們對Hey Taipei的支持!


我真的很高興能藉由Hey Taipei與世界分享台灣的文化。請繼續支持,並將Hey Taipei介紹給可能會有興趣的家人或朋友,不論他們在世界哪個角落!

Kathy + the Garlic Crush team
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