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Hey Taipei 第一本屬於台北的英文押韻繪本

提案人Tricky Taipei facebook

Hey Taipei 捕捉了台北知名景點的美麗和活力,更凸顯出台北生活簡單卻不凡的一切,讓世界看見台北之美。

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Update from the Hey Taipei team
Tasting delicious fruit at the market! A sky high gondola ride to the tea mountains in Maokong! A dinner of soup dumplings and hotpot! These are just some of the classic Taipei scenes captured in this colorful book about a little girl's very first trip to Taipei .
▲ Book size: 20cm wide x 17.8cm high // 尺寸:20公分寬 x 17.8公分高

Hi, I’m Kathy, the writer of Hey Taipei

When I was working in New York, I would buy picture books to bring back as souvenirs for my friends and their kids. The sights and bright lights of New York would jump right off the page. After I moved back to Taiwan, I shopped around for a cute picture book about Taipei in English but didn't find one. And the Chinese-language versions didn’t have the same spirit of fun and adventure. So I thought, hey, I’m a writer. Why not write one myself? Taipei deserves it.

I wrote the story about two years ago but didn’t know what to do with it. Then I had my baby daughter in October 2017 and suddenly the project became about her. I want Claudia to see herself in the book, having the same adventures and feeling proud she’s from Taipei. 

嗨,我是 Kathy,Hey Taipei 的作者



兩年前我就寫了這個故事,但後來也就擱著沒動。2017 年 10 月,我生了女兒,整個故事突然有了主角。我希望女兒 Claudia 可以在書裡看見她自己,希望她能實際走訪那些地方,以自己為台北人為榮。

"Through this book readers get a lively and warm impression of Taipei. After reading, maybe we can take our children on a walk and let more people in the world see this beautiful city of Taipei." Rainbow Teacher, Shimarisu Bookstore

▲ Story text: "The question of the night: so what's for dinner? I see dumplings on the menu. We have a winner!"

Why an English-language picture book about Taipei?

Well, there are two reasons. First, a book like this in English is a way for young children everywhere to learn about Taipei and Taiwanese culture. And second, I feel it’s important for kids in Taiwan to see their own culture depicted in English. 

The rhyming lines make it fun to practice reading English out loud, and you can learn new vocabulary for everyday Taiwanese things like stinky tofu, night markets, Maokong gondola and lychees. At the back of the book, there are two pages of games where older kids can practice matching new words with pictures and find words hidden in a puzzle. There’s a lot to do!




Story text: "Taiwan is famous for its mountain teas. I'd love to try. Can I take a sip, please?"

「生動的插畫與押韻的文字會吸住每個大人與小孩的目光。我已經等不及要把這本書當禮物送人!」Jennifer Joy Chau, Kindermusik 音樂律動老師

Word games in the back for older kids: match the names of famous buildings in Taipei, then find words hidden in the puzzle. 著名景物連連看,還能玩文字迷宮。

Why does Hey Taipei need crowdfunding?

This is my first time writing a children's book and my first experience with the publishing industry. I learned that in Taiwan it’s rare for picture books to be profitable. Sometimes it can be a challenge to break even. Luckily I’m working with Garlic Crush Studios, a Taipei-based studio and publisher. They believe children’s books should be fun and inspire readers to be creative. If possible, they should make kids laugh and smile. I completely agree!

Since Hey Taipei is in English, I have no idea if there’s a market for the book to succeed. Do enough parents in Taiwan want to buy an English-language book about Taipei? We’ll find out! Garlic Crush Studios has taken on the work of the illustrations and book design. Now we’re hoping to pre-sell enough copies to cover the printing cost and make all the work worthwhile. Hopefully this campaign will be a success and we’ll get to see Hey Taipei selling in bookstores and maybe even Taoyuan Airport.

Hey Taipei 為什麼需要群眾募資?


妙蒜工作室已經扛起了插畫和繪本設計部分的工作。我們現在希望先達到一定預售量,來支付總印刷成本。因為 Hey Taipei 是英文書,我也不知道市場反應會如何。會有很多台灣家長想買關於台北的英文書嗎?到時候就知道了!希望這次集資活動能圓滿成功,未來看到 Hey Taipei 在各家書店甚至桃園機場展售。

「我們終於有一本書可以幫助孩子們從閱讀英文繪本,發展自己身為台灣人的認同。我等不及要跟我們小朋友分享了。」Ronald Cheng, 創意種子美語

Reward bundles include 3 posters, 4 postcards and 1 tote bag. Posters will be A3 and ship folded. 繪本主題好物組包括三張精美海報、四張感心明信片及一個好運帆布袋。海報是A3大小並將折疊寄送。


If you think the book is cool, then get ready for more! I had special items created just for supporters of this campaign. We’ve used illustrations from Hey Taipei to design 3 posters, 4 postcards and a tote bag. It all comes together as a limited-edition reward bundle. Hang the posters on your wall. Send the postcards to your overseas friends. Carry the tote bag everywhere!


如果您覺得這本書很棒,還有更好的消息!為了感謝支持集資活動的大家,我們特別設計了周邊商品,用 Hey Taipei 書中的插畫設計了三款海報、四張明信片和帆布提袋。這些全部都包含在繪本主題好物組裡。你可以把海報貼在牆上、明信片寄給國外的朋友,提袋拿著到處趴趴走!

International Shipping

If you want to give Hey Taipei as a gift for family or friends overseas, choose the international shipping option and I’ll send a copy of Hey Taipei anywhere in the world. I’ll also write a card to put inside and make sure the Taiwan stamps on the package are really cool.

If you'd prefer an English checkout system instead, go to heytaipeibook.com to pre-order from the Shopify store instead. 


如果您想買 Hey Taipei 作為禮物送給國外的家人或朋友,可以選擇「跨國運送」。我會幫您把第一版 Hey Taipei 送到國外目的地,也會寫一張小卡放在書內,包裹上也會貼好經典款的台灣郵票。

Postcards included in the rewards bundle. 繪本主題好物組中的明信片。

Schedule & Timing

Our aim is to get everyone's books shipped out in April 2019. Here's how the timing works: 

  • This campaign will run until late January 2019
  • February is Chinese New Year break which means not a lot will be happening during the first half of February
  • We'll need a week or so to calculate the total number of books, posters, postcards and tote bags we'll need to make
  • Our printer in New Taipei City will need approximately 1 month to print and pack the books



  • 這個集資贊助案將於2019一月底結束
  • 二月有農曆過年,所以許多後續動作會因應稍微後延
  • 我們需要一兩週的時間更新繪本設計,並統整專案需要的繪本、海報、明信片、帆布袋等
  • 從製版到裝訂,位於大台北的印刷廠需約一個月的時間

More postcards from the rewards bundle. 繪本主題好物組中的明信片。

▲ The reward bundle includes a tote bag printed with "bwa bwei" or divination blocks found on the temple spread of the book. 

Thank you so much for your support! 

If you have any questions, please check out the FAQ section below. And if your question isn't there, shoot me an email: hi@heytaipeibook.com

You can also message me via Hey Taipei on FB and Instagram:



你也可以在FB和Instagram上關注Hey Taipei:


I need help with the Chinese-language checkout system on zeczec! Don't worry, I got you! Go to the all-English heytaipeibook.com to pre-order from the Shopify store instead.

Tell me more about the Hey Taipei book: What size is it? How many pages is it? Where is it printed? No problem! The book will be 20cm wide and 17.8cm high. There are 28 pages in total and the book will be printed in New Taipei City.

When will I receive the printed Hey Taipei book and reward bundles? Our goal is to pack and ship the books and reward bundles to everyone in April 2019. If you're not in Taiwan, international shipping can take up to two weeks.

I'm not in Taiwan. Can I still use zeczec? Yes, you can! Just check the international shipping cost and make sure you enter your address correctly. Please note: if you order 2, 5 or 10 books we can only ship to one international address.

告訴我更多Hey Taipei繪本的資訊:尺寸?有幾頁?在哪裡印製的?Hey Taipei繪本的尺寸是20公分寬x17.8公分高,共28頁,在位於新北市新店的印刷廠印製。



Finally, a special thank you to:
  • Everyone at Garlic Crush Studios: Eric, Weiting, Yen, Amy and Yuting
  • The kids of Garlic Crush Studios: Felicia, Carley, Ivee and Oreo the dog
  • Ronald Cheng of Little Seeds Academy, 彩虹老師, "Jennifer Joy" Chau of Kindermusik
  • Also thank you to Didi Bethurum, Brenda Lin, Andy Yang, Sabrina Liao, Ben Liao, Micky Du and my husband Everett for their feedback and support!

「我們很開心能與Kathy一起打造這本書,給全世界的大人小孩另一個感受台北的視角。」Eric Yin, 妙蒜工作室總監

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Get a PDF copy of Hey Taipei to read on your tablet or laptop!
You'll receive:
1 x PDF of Hey Taipei via email

一份可在平板與電腦上閱讀的Hey Taipei繪本PDF電子檔!
1 x 繪本PDF電子檔(集資實現後email提供)

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Get a copy of the Hey Taipei book as soon as it's ready!
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一本新鮮出爐的Hey Taipei繪本!
1 x Hey Taipei 繪本

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Get a Hey Taipei book plus a reward bundle!
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** Reward bundles have 3 posters (A3 size), 4 postcards and 1 tote bag. **

擁有Hey Tapei繪本加上主題好物組!
1 x Hey Taipei 繪本
1 x 繪本主題好物組

** 每組主題好物組包括3張精美海報、4張感心明信片、及1個好運帆布袋 **

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** All prices are TWD **
Donate an extra Hey Taipei book to a public library or public kindergarten and receive a personal thank you note from Kathy. (We'll donate the book on your behalf.)
You'll receive:
1 x Hey Taipei book
1 x Reward bundle
1 x Thank you note from Kathy

** Reward bundles have 3 posters (A3 size), 4 postcards and 1 tote bag. **

除了自己享受的繪本,額外捐贈一本Hey Taipei繪本給圖書館或公立幼兒園(專案實現後我們統一捐贈),我會再附上一張親筆英文謝卡感謝你。
1 x Hey Taipei 繪本
1 x 繪本主題好物組
1 x 作者親筆謝卡

** 每組主題好物組包括3張精美海報、4張感心明信片、及1個好運帆布袋 **

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** Reward bundles have 3 posters (A3 size), 4 postcards and 1 tote bag. **

以95折一次贊助兩組Hey Taipei繪本及主題好物組!
2 x Hey Taipei 繪本
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** 每組主題好物組包括3張精美海報、4張感心明信片、及1個好運帆布袋 **

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** Reward bundles have 3 posters (A3 size), 4 postcards and 1 tote bag. **

以9折一次贊助五組Hey Taipei繪本及主題好物組!
5 x Hey Taipei 繪本
5 x 繪本主題好物組

** 每組主題好物組包括3張精美海報、4張感心明信片、及1個好運帆布袋 **

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** Reward bundles have 3 posters (A3 size), 4 postcards and 1 tote bag. **

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10 x Hey Taipei 繪本
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** 每組主題好物組包括3張精美海報、4張感心明信片、及1個好運帆布袋 **

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