Hey Taipei 第一本屬於台北的英文押韻繪本

提案人 Tricky Taipei | 群眾集資
NT$ 224,895 / 目標 NT$ 100,000
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I need help with the Chinese-language checkout system on zeczec!

Don't worry, I got you! Download this PDF: http://bit.ly/heytaipeibook-eng-instructions

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Tell me more about the Hey Taipei book: What size is it? How many pages is it? Where is it printed?

No problem! The book will be 20cm wide and 17.8cm high. There are 28 pages in total and the book will be printed in New Taipei City.

更新於 2018/12/20 12:38

When will I receive the printed Hey Taipei book and reward bundles?

Our goal is to pack and ship the books and reward bundles to everyone in April 2019. If you're not in Taiwan, international shipping can take up to two weeks.

更新於 2018/12/20 12:39

I'm not in Taiwan. Can I still use zeczec?

Yes, you can! Just check the international shipping cost and make sure you enter your address correctly. Please note: if you order 2, 5 or 10 books we can only ship to one international address.

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告訴我更多Hey Taipei繪本的資訊:尺寸?有幾頁?在哪裡印製的?

Hey Taipei繪本的尺寸是20公分寬x17.8公分高,共28頁,在位於新北市新店的印刷廠印製。

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