Hey Taipei 第一本屬於台北的英文押韻繪本

提案人 Tricky Taipei | 群眾集資
NT$224,895 / 目標 NT$100,000

計畫更新 #2 We did it! Thank you for supporting Hey Taipei

2019/01/22 21:29
Hi everyone!

The Hey Taipei campaign ended on Sunday night and reached 224% of its target. Thanks so much for your support!

I'm so, so proud that this has been an entirely "Made in Taiwan" project. It wouldn't have happened without the hard work of the team at Garlic Crush in Taipei, including our illustrator Weiting Zhou who's based in Taichung in southern Taiwan. 

We'll be sending the book to the printers in March (after Chinese New Year break in February) and working to get the posters, postcards and tote bags made. If everything goes according to schedule, we'll be sending packages out into the world in April!

Until then, we're still accepting purchases on the English pre-order site at heytaipeibook.com. If you have family or friends who missed out on the crowdfunding campaign, please let them know.

And if you'd like to see updates about how everything's going, you can follow the @heytaipeibook account on Instagram or our Facebook page.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Kathy + the Garlic Crush team



感謝你們的支持!Hey Taipei集資活動在星期天晚上結束時達成了224%的目標!

我很驕傲這是個完全「台灣製作」的繪本。妙蒜工作室團隊位於台北,其中插畫家Weiting Zhou位於台中。


在那之前,如果你還有親朋好友可能喜歡這本書,仍希望你能推薦他們到 heytaipeibook.com 上訂購這本書。

另外,邀請你追蹤 @heytaipeibook 的Facebook粉絲頁及IG帳號,我們會陸續分享更詳細的後續進度。


Kathy Cheng+妙蒜工作室
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